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Monster Hunter: World PC release announced


A short video just dropped on the official Monster Hunter Twitter account. With a personal message from Ryozo Tsujimoto not only thanking us for taking part in the beta but also to share a tiny bit of news on the PC version. More specifically information surrounding the release window of Monster Hunter World. We still do not have a specific release date but what we do have is a release window and that is autumn 2018. What specific surrounding autumn may vary a little bit around the world, what you're essentially looking at is a window from August through to November.

Somewhere in that window somewhere between August and November is when the PC version will launch. Yes, it is quite far away, which is a bit of a shame. Capcom simply said that they are focusing their attention on the console versions first. Which they nailed it and got high critics and reviews. And once they're launched, then they will turn their attention to the PC version. They said that they wanted to get it right make sure it's a good port and given that PC is a new platform for them, I think we could all agree it's better that they take their time and it'd be good then they rush it out and it'd be a bad port.

However, Capcom does have plans to release a load of free DLC throughout the year. We currently don't know how soon or to what cadence but assuming there's some before the PC launch. When it drops on PC, PC players would likely have that content available to them pretty early on.

For the time being information on the PC version, is and will be pretty sparse for a while. You won't have any information on minimum specs, where it will be available, anything like that. That's sort of information you will get closer to launch in fact, I wouldn't be surprised if perhaps the PC version is playable at e3 given its proximity to autumn.

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