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Player Housing in World of Warcraft - Will it work?


Not long ago I was struck with the idea of player housing in World of Warcraft. Why is this not implemented yet? Why should Blizzard add this feature? And before you say you already got garrison, stop! No garrisons were an awful implementation, only because it was forced on the players.

  • Well, housing isn't about adding gameplay. It's about decoration and having fun going collect things to add to your home. I don't need my house to add progression to anything or to create anything. I just want a place I can fill with useless items/weapons that look cool that I find out in the world.

In short player housing is fun and widely implemented in many games. In my opinion, will only attract more players and even keep them engaged in the game more. Player housing should only be a cosmetic option that will fulfill the character uniqueness, many possibilities are open.
First of how should be done? And without answering this question you know that instanced zone will be the best option. Maybe even instanced zone combining four housing plots, something similar to Lord of the rings online. For location part is easy, World of Warcraft has much available space to include this feature in every zone possible, however for beginning it should only stick to zones in Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms. Possibly even the main cities, where it will not break the "recipe" Blizzard had till now. By that I mean the resting zones (inns), they were intentionally put only to "force" interactions between players. And with that, the main purpose with player housing will only be purely for fun and roleplay reasons, which I think many players would like to see it.


Furthermore, customization should be the strongest point. Not like garrisons, and if the game engine allows it should give the freedom of the players to do whatever they like (okay not putting a dragon mount in front of the house). From colors to plots and race house variations to even the smallest thing. An example, you buy Tier 1 house with only 3 customizable rooms with option to make them a trophy/achievement room, profession specific room or even a guest room where other players could interact (similar to an inn). On Tier 2 you can add two more rooms (plot for mounts) maybe like class-specific part, mages will have the option to build a mage tower, warriors training ground etc.

  • Some rules, however, should apply. Race-specific houses can't be built in other places (orc themed design house can't be built in Goldshire and vice versa), you get my point.


The housing system in World of Warcraft should give you as the player a ton of stuff to choose from. Where what and how you want to approach building your perfect place, not limiting you to the design part. Even adding quests which will be a small tutorial and give meaning to the whole system will be nice. Professions could have a huge overhaul or maybe even introduce new ones (stone mason, woodworking, painting etc). Herbalism could help the players decorating the front yard, leatherworking adding a new design/pattern on furniture and so on.

Player housing in World of Warcraft should be similar to achievements and battle pets. Many players don't care and others are in the game for that purpose only. On other note, new players must have immediate access to player housing, not forced but as a reminder that they are welcomed in the game. I believe that this approach will attract new players and will make the old veterans leveling a new character more fun and enjoyable experience. To sum it up the answer is simply yes, as a Warcraft veteran Blizzard make this happen.


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