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Albion Online Review


Albion Online is a new sandbox MMORPG. Game developed and published by Sandbox Interactive. It features classes progression. Things like player driven economy, it's all centered around crafting, player built cities, player housing. And there are also cross-platform sports you can play the game on Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile devices IOS or Android.

Albion Online revolves around crafting. Going out gathering resources, bring them back craft new gear and then as you craft more and more of the same tier you move up the destiny board. Meaning crafting more of the same item you will unlock better tier and better equipment. Which kind leads to a massive and I mean massive grind. Same goes for combo progression when killing a certain number of enemies. Kill hundred plus enemies wearing certain gear you will become better and will give good buffs. So this means that every action that you do within Albion contributes to your progression. There are no set classes so if you progress as a melee warrior you can easily switch to ranged or magic depending on which way you want to go.

I find so tedious and just really overwhelming for me to think if you're the type of person who actually lives crafting. You live and breathe crafting. For those who like crafting this is the perfect MMORPG. Because crafting revolves around everything, if you don't like crafting then you're not going to like any part of this game.
Combat is straightforward you get your abilities depending on the gear you wear. And you will like this idea cause gives more freedom to mix and match the gear to your play style. It works very straightforward. Quite like the simplicity of the combat system the customizability, but in the same time it also feels a little bit shallow at times especially later on. You also have a full loot system on death which gets really interesting when it comes to the PVP aspect of the game. So when you PVP if you die, you will lose all your items that you have currently on you. Which means that if you kill someone in PVP, you can loot everything that they have on them, including their weapons, armor, mount ...etc.

albion_gatheringThere are things that I certainly like about Albion. Like that you are able to craft your own housing, the guilds can get together and build their own cities. It's very rewarding it can be fun to play with a group of other people. Didn't like the interface the UI is god-awful in this game. It is totally not intuitive, there are many issues with user interface. The tutorial and the new player experience in Albion Online is almost nonexistent and it is really bad.

Lastly I want to touch on the graphics and the sound part. The graphics are of course in a polygonal style that works well when you consider the cross-platform playability of the game. The game doesn't look bad but I think it looks a little bit outdated. I don't think it's particularly eye pleasing at any point. I think that especially for PC players there are not that much detail. And it would been nice to have the option to relate the detail in the graphical fidelity of the game. Adding more graphical options for PC users and updating the character models will do the trick, and just keep it very simplistic for the mobile user. On the sound part nothing to stress about it is done well and have one of the most beautiful soundtracks.

Overall for Albion Online is a mix. I don't like the game design at its core, the focus on crafting and how that's tights the progression really puts me off because will triple the grind. As a game that people can play on mobile device certainly it might be worth looking. Give it a shot and decide for yourself.


Below is my referral link if you are willing to buy the game, see ya in Albion.

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