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3 Police Patrol Simulator Games You Should Try!


Once in awhile you want to change things and stop being the criminal, almost any game nowadays is focused primarily on this type of genre. Yes you can find good detective games like L.A. Noire or the excellent tactical first person shooter portraying the law enforcement unit SWAT. But you're in luck if you find a semi good police simulator. Removing the strategy oriented 911 Operator or 911: First Responders this is the three best police patrol simulation games worth your time.

3. Police Force 2


From the developer of Emergency series, Quadriga Games released Police Force 2 in 2013. This overly rushed and buggy game will give you the opportunity to take the role of German police officer. You’ll need to complete a variety of different missions... from questioning witnesses, using an advanced forensics lab or getting out there and pursuing criminals by car.
 Note that this game is unfinished, the controls are sometimes unresponsive, you will experience game breaking bugs in one word the game is broken. Below is a 30min gameplay of Police Force 2.

2. Enforcer: Police Crime Action


Released in 2014 and titled as "A new breed of Police Simulator" on Steam. Police Crime Action is a game where you try to balance the duty of a police officer and his personal life. What could be an interesting idea ends up to being a buggy game with decade-old graphics. As the previous game listed Enforcer have a lot of bugs, awkward gameplay and controls. By the looks of it the developer abandoned this game and is no longer supported but its worth the try if you can find copy of it.

1. LSPDFR mod for GTA V

lspdrf_gta_vYou cannot get better police simulator than this, and it is actually a mod for a game. LSPD First Response is a modification for GTA V (PC version only) as stated this mod transforms the game into a law enforcement simulation, allowing you to conduct traffic stops, engage in high speed pursuits and enforce the law as you see fit. Plus add the various scripts and plugins you can install enabling you the option to add more callouts, different gameplay features like breathalyzer or even a court system you got your self good 40+ hours of free sandbox police experience.
The modding community for LSPDRF is still very active updating all of the scripts and plugins, and very helpful for any issues you'll encounter modding GTA V.

Worth mentioning :

Another game which is worth keeping eye on... Police10-13 be sure to check it out and see what features will it have.

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