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Days Gone - New Zombie Experience That Doesn't Sucks


Days Gone... a new and fresh zombie game !? Oh not again...not another third person shooter with boring quest lines and shallow kill them all gameplay. And after 10 min watching the gameplay trailer my opinion is changed. You almost get the urge to yell at the developer and pray they don't screw this up. In short words this game is giving me the same vibes as Last Of Us. I suppose now that the developers saw what is a good recipe how to make a game. And Days Gone will go beyond that wall of linearity, containing good story and gameplay.

Some of the info they presented on E3 2016 was bit scarce, however this is not the case with E3 2017. We almost immediately see the improvement and information provided from this years gameplay trailers, followed with alternate path gameplay. To begin in short main feature will be the "zombies"...they are fast and easily provoked on almost any clear (loud) sound made. Coming in small groups...swarms, or bigger groups...hordes, avoiding their presence will always be the case. Unless... you want your worst enemy used as a helping tool, luring the swarm/horde into a compound or protected area which needs to be cleared. After the zombies huge importance is given on the animals, yes there will be a zombified wolf's, bears... etc. And I believe they will act as a mini bosses in some parts of the story. And last but not least the humans, the most clever enemy who will find any way of attacking you. Is it a well-played ambush, or face to face combat... the proper way of approaching a situation (mission) will be different. Rushing in will always be the case of failed game.


As the enemy have variety of tools to slow down your progress, is it a trap or "meat wall" contained of hanging zombies, the player will not be left with empty hands. In this case we will get crafting system. From crossbows and traps to upgrading your bike (personal inventory and transport system) the player is given the choice to choose how to approach any mission and what tools you will use. Put an improvised C4 on a barricade blow it up and lure the zombie swarm, you can do that. Place a bear trap's and lure some enemies into it, you can do that. The sandbox gameplay is present, with the freedom of choosing when to approach the mission and how.

All in all the last thoughts are this game is worth keeping eye on, what they showed and what they promised is good. It's likely to be a game of the year. The sad part however is that Days Gone will only be a PS4 exclusive, it is highly unlikely that PC players will be able to play the title on their systems. Below you can watch the gameplay trailer of Days Gone from PlayStation conference in E3 2017. Days Gone is coming out on December 29, 2017.

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