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Call of Duty WW2 Multiplayer Reveal Preview


With Call of Duty WWII multiplayer reveal trailer already shown on E3 2017 we got some good details what new features Call of Duty WW2 will have. Taken the point that they will go with the old recipe fast pace combat and 360 kill strikes, some thing are changed for better. We can surely see some improvement in the graphical part, but first I cannot stress the importance they made with the sound. Verbal interaction between the soldiers at it finest. Is it capturing a strategic point or informing you about enemy presence, those little things are captured and delivered well in the trailer.

On the graphic part as said we see improvement, the dismemberment of soldiers is present, however this will not follow as instadeath ( maybe this is not correct )...on the trailer showed we see a glimpse of soldier laying down in wounded state, following with a scene of grenade explosion. What catch my eye is that destructible environment will be a thing and can be used on some parts of the map, helping you to flank the enemy and make sudden attacks. Other thing is the censorship of swastikas, and historically portraying the war are missing and this is still the talk around the web, as well the playable female character. This by me should not be the problem cause first this is a game, and second as I know woman like man were in the war. Call of Duty is far from realism and in all the ways is military and historically means of presentation only.

Class system will be removed instead we are getting a feature of joining a Division in the start of the multiplayer carrier. As known you can choose from five enlist option and you can continue as Airborne, Mountain, Infantry, Armored or Expeditionary soldiers. Among the class system heavy vehicles and planes will be back, but I am sure they will be only used as assets and controlled from the AI with little or now free control of movement. Dual wielding is a new feature. We can clearly see in the end of the trailer,  showing a reloading animation of two pistols. Plus a flamethrower class in the beginning which I'm leading me to acknowledgment of special classes in the game. For more details check the trailer bellow and see the new things Call of Duty WWII will offer.

Call of Duty WWII is coming on November 3 for PlayStation 4, Xbox and PC.

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