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Will Assassin’s Creed Origins Live Up To The Expectations


Yet another AC game in the franchise called Assassin's Creed Origins. With almost a year of pause and begging for "not another Assassin's Creed" not counting the "Chronicles India/Russia" we got news and gameplay for Origins formerly known as said in the development time AC Empire. Well as the most talked game in E3 2017 on the social media (is it good or bad) the importance is that Assassin's Creed should move to a new and better idea not milking the same and over again for almost 10 years. Don't know what will happen if we see Assassin's Creed 3. This is not the talk right now Origins is coming in 5 months and is looking good. The fear of what they showed and what we get should be removed, cause the trailers and propaganda materials are from actual gameplay.

Origins come in fresh now and I know that if Ubisoft messes this up they will have a lot of troubles like in the past time. Anyway, we got eyes on the trailer and gameplay, we get the story and the new features. What is stated Origins will be more difficult game to play than the other run up down kill. Meaning no more clunky combat, enemies lining up and waiting you to finish them with a parry or dodge counter attack (boring). Now instead the player must improve own combat techniques and include spacing between enemies, even use crowd control. This is a great thing and as shown in the gameplay trailer we see the character informing us that it will be a difficult fight if we go head on. We can get a peak on loot drops as the main character is eliminating an enemy different quality of gear is present ranging from shields, polearms, axes ...etc. On the trailer we can see a big snake charging... mini and main bosses will be a thing in Assassin's Creed Origins.

The HUD is rearranged we cannot see mini-map with a bunch of signs only a compass in the top corner pointing the path and the nearest quest you have taken on. Yes, Origins will come with a quest system and if it's played more like an RPG game it will be a huge change. Meaning if they pull off something like Witcher or even copying the same system I am ok with it. Yes, we still have the tower climbing for exploring the map, however, the eagle vision is changed.

Now it is actual eagle used similarly as the drone in Watch Dogs 2. You can mark enemies see the surroundings find good flanking positions or even attack from above. The maps will be huge as informed and main character named Bayek will have some options to choose how to traverse the terrain...different mounts will be present. Horses will not be the main transportation option, camels and chariots are included and they can even be customized in a similar way as outfits. Naval transportation is back... that's for sure, but with not enough info on the combat maybe it will be the same or better as Black Flag.

As known Origins will not have a multiplayer feature as for the co-op we need to wait a bit to see if they implement. In the end, Origins will be the same Assassin's Creed experience like till now only with some things removed some added is it for better or worse we will see. The Creed continues and it will be released for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation4 on October 27, 2017.

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