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A Way Out game anounced by the director of Brothers


  Swedish studio Hazelight is making A Way Out as it's revealed on E3 2017 press conference. As with the earlier game Brothers : Tale of Two Sons this game will be only playable with two players. Following the cute graphics we can only wait for this masterpiece to come out. As stated it will be possible to play in a online co-op, however the studio is streaming for the old school split-screen option.

  Little we know about the story except that the two main characters must break out from a prison, following the decision they make will bring different consequences. There will be a sandbox style game play where every character will influence the scene in the world by their behavior.
  As proven this studio knows how to make good coop game and A Way Out is on a good path to be respected as the earlier game Brother, for more information and game play look the trailer bellow and decide for yourself.

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