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The Trail Review


Are you bored from the same old same from the Google play market ? "Strategy" games that don't have any strategy in them, simple yet overly advertised games that got boring in 10 min play like 90% of the games offered.
...well I am too !

For every gamer there some rules to be followed and the most important is game can be repetitive if it counters with good gameplay and feeling of progression. I said strategy cause they make all the same games in this way ... only part is the repetitiveness is too high and the gameplay sucks. The Trail cannot compare with any of those games, just giving the example that some people are moving forward from the old same pattern when designing a game.


22cans made awesome job here. Bringing something new and fresh on the market, even as a F2P model.

They nailed it on the graphic part, beautiful environments to be seen and explored. From foresty regions to jungles, desert and snowy mountains. It will be a long journey and sometimes repetitive and hard, back tracking only to acquire more materials for crafting new tools, clothes, food. And yes there is a crafting and the implementation is good. However here comes the F2P model issues. Some items cant be made and if you don't wont to farm and backtrack you can pay and acquire the proper materials. Or even buy much better clothes or tools than you will ever craft them.

So said that this game should be played casual if you are not keen on paying a cent and just enjoy what have to offer. I will not give any more information cause will share only spoilers. Did I mentioned this game have one of the best soundtracks I ever heard, yes on the sound part they nailed too. Good over voice and bit of humor now and then.

Final thoughts try this game and give it a chance, if you like it support the developers and spend a cent or two. They deserve it and give the message to others this is how mobile gaming should look. You can check the game here.


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