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Brothers In Arms: Battle Of The Bulge?


How much did it past from the last game? Nine years... ye! And we still don't have any confirmation about the new release of Brothers in Arms. A huge number of fans are still active about this question and only answer till now we know (unconfirmed) is that Brothers in Arms will be covering the Battle of the Bulge.

For those which don't know about this period of time (which I'm sure that every fan knows) is the fight from 16 December '44 to 25 January '45. What makes this important is that almost every American unit which pushes through the line was cut off, meaning no reinforcements, no supplies (food, medical, ammo, clothes... etc.) and the most important they were exposed to bad weather condition, hypothermia, starving to death. Correct me if I'm wrong but for the 101st airborne this was a disaster taken the point that they "surrounded" the town of Bastogne on December 19 and were the first to attack. Repelling and trying to slow down the attacks from the German forces with constant artillery fire.

Bastogne 30 December 1944
So enough of the brief history lesson, gameplay wise Brothers In Arms should be done in this period of time, there are even some pointers toward this. And the most correct proof is the Leggett line from Brothers In Arms Hells Highway: " So you've been through Hell... Tell me, Matthew, how do you feel about snow? " which Matt Baker response is " I can handle snow ". Said that the things I want to cover now are some of my personal opinions what should we see in this game. Ideas small and big that will improve the gameplay and make the game worth naming it Brothers In Arms. And even a reminder to Gearbox that fans are still waiting for the next sequel.

As a story driven/squad commanding game Brothers In Arms should evolve not only on the graphics side, in the last games we had strict linear gameplay... following from point A... kill, kill, kill... point B... short movie. My opinion is making it semi-open world and I'll write it down why. First thing is the line that 101 hold it for about a month, second is the supplies, third the bad weather and last the enemy forces.

  • Holding the line
Holding the line in such bad condition is the worst thing for a soldier, with constant attack and artillery barrages this can be the main feature of this game. Heavy emphasis should take on rising the moral of the soldiers you command even those you don't. As shown in earlier games story is about the brothers you meet on the field, the situations you go through. With such small rations of food, ammunition... etc. some crucial gameplay decisions can be made, helping your fellow soldier or leave it for your self following the consequences after that. Maybe some side mission for protecting the wounded soldier to fall back or escorting them by yourself, after a heavy enemy attack.
  • Supplies
Another aspect is scavenging for supplies of food, medicine, weapons, ammunition, clothes, fuel... name it. Small missions to find and secure position of some supplies (miss/ airdropped, enemy supplies) refiling the pool you already are loosing or are in critical state. Protecting the soldiers with sniper fire while they collect or even making a small perimeter and get in face to face... maybe even stealth mission with a four-man squad. Mostly side mission not following the main story but I am sure that will give a more diversity gameplay wise.
  • Weather
Caught in the worst conditions possible this can be the cream and butter of the survival aspect. Not zombie apocalypse thing but fighting to survive another day, as soldiers are more and more exposed to hypothermia. Changing weather effects from foggy morning to heavy blizzard, dropping temperatures, deep snow for slowing your progress on the mission or even better ambush opportunities. Weather changing element should be crucial... example... once the weather is cleared you know that your position will be targeted by artillery or heavy attack.
  • Enemies
As mentioned before this guy made it out in constant attacks, thinning the line of defense... enemies should be aggressive and know when to attack, make ambushes, send patrols to scout allied positions, push with heavy attacks. Vise Versa allied troops did the same, sending recon squads, make ambush opportunities now and then. As they were overpowered in any aspect of this scenario this will only make the game more survival based, and not strictly linear.

In the end, add the story above some of the elements I pointed out this can be the best Brothers In Arms game ever released. Or watch Band Of Brothers series and you will get it what I'm pointing at. And we know that Gearbox can make good story mixing reality with fiction thus making a good game worth our time. Until then we are forced to wait for any news considering this game but E3 is coming soon so keep your fingers crossed.

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