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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands worth it to buy?


Ok, so my personal opinion is that there are two types of Ghost Recon fans. Those who played the old school Ghost Recon's and the second are that played Ghost Recon Advanced Warfare series ... Future Soldier is COD clone. I belong to the second category, and yes I played the crap of GRAW. If you ask why it is only caused by the realism this game provided in those days. Not the story, not the graphics but only because of the atmosphere this game offered, urban fighting, unexpected encounters ...etc.

Many of you will point out this is the 21st century and games should evolve, upgrade ...but ...c'mon this is "Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon" name. People don't want another Assassin's Creed slash The Division game, and I am sure they are sick of it. Open world ?...OK! that's good but it's not.Why? The answer is Ubisoft don't know how to make open world games. Take "Tom Clancy's" The Division for example what they showed and what they delivered in the end. Wildlands will be the same only included thing are the vehicles which we can shorten our time to the mission marker, and the boring map design with nothing to do besides some side missions, "tower unlocking", "skin gathering"...heh. And even if they have included teleporting I see my self now.

At this state, as I see it Wildlands is reminding me of one old game Mercenaries 2, huge open world, nothing to do except mission, and blowing stuff whenever you can. I'm not pointing out that this will be a bad game but with Tom Clancy's name in the front, this should be a tactical shooter, with many gadgets and customization. Not only for the weapons but vehicles, squadmates, FOB's...etc. And it should give the player the freedom and the feeling of progression through the story.

Nice improvements as I see from the trailers are the uniforms/ clothes, and if they can implement them as a tactical solution for some mission that would be great. An example is the ghillie suit and your spotter are moving through forest/jungle/desert traversing the hard terrain and avoid any patrols, killing the HVT. Or the end only to find out that clothes/uniform don't make an impact on AI reaction and how they see you.

Sniper Team
Another example is civilian clothes, you move through the urban area and you choose the simple thing you can wear so you can blend in with the crowd. So please Ubisoft make this right I don't want to see another "barbie make up dress fashion" thing like in Division.

Next thing is the option of Coop. Ah .. this game should be a hardcore single player experience with heavy emphasis on storytelling with the freedom to choose the best approach to any mission. Not linear storytelling like say Brothers in Arms or Rainbow Six, but the approach you take in this world ( people, mission ...etc) should have consequences after that. What they showed from the trailers are gun blazing, some stealth mechanic that I don't understand, sync shots. As I was saying coop should not be forced and it will only ruin the immersion.

Another thing and what they are showing is the terrain variety and it is an excellent idea. Variety means less boringness, they can even add some survival aspect but it is a hard thing. That leads me to modding availability, that option could save the game and be more accepted. Both casual and hardcore players will be pleased I'm sure of it, imagine the possibilities starting from terrain changes, A.I and vehicle improvement, survival aspect as mentioned before, base building and so on.

All I pointed here are some of the small bad things I see and I know Ubisoft will make them in purpose, some fans may not agree but bear with me, in the end, we will not get the same experience we had with the old Ghost Recon games. Prove me wrong but if I wanted a non-tactical shooter I have tons of games to choose from and I can customize my character and vehicle take MG and grenade launcher and blow stuff up.

So Ubisoft really should ask them self is this the game we should make for the fans. In the end, this is only personal opinions and before even trying the beta it's still early to judge. However, I'm quite sure that if they use the name Tom Clancy's again on non-tactical-fashion-makeup-shooters then fans will stop buying this games.

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