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Commandos 3 : Destination Berlin Fix for Win10

Commandos 3 : Destination Berlin
This fix aims to solve the issue people often have with Commandos 3 not running properly, flickering screens and ctd's (even the sniper scope issue). This is not the best game from the Commandos series yet people often come back. Properly running it on newer machines with win8/8.1 and win 10 is impossible without some tweaking. This solution is tested by me and is working if followed.

The main issue is running the game which is known to cause graphical corruption in some situations, mostly the sniper lens, loading screens and even more.

Comm3 flickering screen example
Comm.3 flickering screen example
The corruption comes from some incompatibility of the newer Microsoft OS with 16-bit High Color graphics used in Commandos, which Microsoft used (disabled) to support the new Metro interface. Whatsoever the main solution is to run the game in windowed mode. Yes, it is that simple except Commandos 3 does not support or have an option to enable windowed mode.

However, forcing it by 3rd party programs is accessible so follow the steps below.

1. Download D3Dwindower


2. Go to the main Commandos 3 folder and find "comm3.exe" file, under "Compatibility" options set to Windows XP (SP2) and 16-bit 65536 color mode, you can leave Administrative options unchecked.

3. Open D3DWindower and Add Commandos3.exe to the list that's the third button of the set of 7.



4. When added select Commandos3 of the list and click Settings (second from right), and follow the below picture to configure.

Settings for Comm3
Settings for Comm3

5. Next thing is to run Commandos 3 (first button) and it should start with any issues in a windowed mode. When started quickly Alt-Tab and drag the Comm3 window to the top left corner.

6. (OPTIONAL) For now we have started the game and if followed properly this will work, however running in a window on a 17-inch monitor or larger is a bit inappropriate so quickly download Borderless Gaming program and start the program before starting the game.


DONE! You now can run the game in a windowed full screen with little effort, one warning is always starting Commandos 3 through D3DWindower and enjoy the game in full screen without any issues.

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