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Top 10 Video Games on PC / Xbox One / PS4 / for 2016

This is a short list of 10 most anticipated games for 2016 and why do I think it will be worthy of your time. So let's get started the first and most anticipated is

Mass Effect Andromeda

After the successful and maybe not so good ending in Mass Effect 3 the fits thing you hear this name is " Please make good Mass Effect game". I am not saying Mass Effect is a bad game, but the simple approach and the storytelling, in the end, was bad. Let us hope they learned the lesson.

Quantum Break

From the creators of Max Payne and newly Alan Wake, you are sure that these guys know what are they doing. I suppose as always good storytelling and excellent adventure like game.

Dark Souls 3

We all know this title and for some is the most hated game in the genre. The hardcore and punishing gameplay make this piece of art satisfactory for someone. "Little with no" storytelling and always on the edge moments, this game will reward you like no other.

For Honor

Ubisoft is known for the good and bad. They will milk everything they can out the name of the title, and you will like it. Presenting high-end graphic and then degrading them was only to spread the hate among the fans. Some of the most popular pieces that came from this publisher were only copy paste work. Please don't ruin this game.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Ubisoft again ... I know the time when Tom Clancy was a brand for something hardcore, milsim adventure. They started a long time ago and made this brand known for the most original titles you can find and play. With the change of Rainbow Six, I think Wildlands is on the good path.


The baldly coded assassin with no expression on the face who everyone like it. We all know the past and the new features IO Interactive added, making the game more and more accessible for some particular part of the gamers... making it easier removing all simple foundation this game was based on an action-adventure stealth game. They'll fix it.

No Man's Sky

Hello, Games is an indie studio who attracted their attention when they released the first trailer. Details are sparse but we know for sure that this will be a nice ride in this most waited adventure survival video game.

Albion Online

Sandbox Interactive is on the good road. I didn't quite get it what were they doing or does will make the old tricks like "PayToWin" style game in this free to play game. For sure I know that this will be medieval adventure MMORPG and it looks good.


It's confirmed from Sandbox Interactive that is removing the FTP model and extending the beta for 6 months.

The Last Guardian

Long waited Sony's masterpiece will finally be here. After prolonging the release date for far too long ...think they started from 2007, and the first trailer was one 2009 after long and hard developing time the date is settled 25 October 2016. An adventure game that took our hearths seconds from watching the trailer, long-awaited will be finally here.

Star Citizen

Cloud Imperium Games is taking it the slow approach of making the most anticipated space sim game. For sure are two components which will differ from massive multiplayer universe played in the first person and the second is single player style following the story named Squadron 42. Release date is to be announced but let's hope we will not wait like HL3

Worth mentioning :
Gears of War 4
Mafia 3
World of Warcraft Legion
Dishonored 2
Horizon: Zero Dawn

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