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5 Laptop Buying Mistakes


  Everyone probably was owner of a laptop, we know the features and benefits also the flaws of affording one. Is it cheap or expensive it all comes to our taste for what we are looking, mobility, high end gaming or simply everyday use. We need to ask our self again is it worth having a machine which in 1 year tops will loose all the benefits we were looking. Guides for buying are all over the net providing useful tips, most of them choosing the opposite " buy a desktop pc ". However if you find yourself in this list of people read on.

Buying the cheapest/expensive

Maybe the cheapest are better for the wallet and I know that everyone agrees with this, but it will not come with all the features we stream for as I mentioned before, also the longevity you'l be using it. It is always better to have quad-core over dual-core processor, bypassing this important feature over a graphic card or bit more RAM is the worst mistake. Believe  me it will not pass long until you figured out what have you done, in the end buying a new one.

Sure you are saying I need it only for light weight work, but we all start like that until we intensify our work. Simple example is opening multiply tabs in a browser or starting a simple game. All it takes is that, in the end the longevity isn't here and the needed requirements are gone.

This said is the only option on buying something expensive which will have more power life span and we are sure that this will be the right one. But it is always some but in the middle. Don't pay more that you can afford, you'l see prices above 2000$ ,that is all advertising and it will be more that you will need it. Marketing have a huge roll here, promoting something that is not worth the money.

Laptops manufacturers are with huge concurrency saying that find something in the middle of the expectation and quality. They tend to fall on the the price every now and then, with some huge discounts. 


Don't get me wrong, but ask yourself  " Why am I buying this laptop ? " simple as that. I am not blaming the manufacturers and theirs advertising, if its for school work or something light weight don't trust the shiny buttons and flashy keyboards. You can pass with the slower processing power.

Ignoring important features 

This not include the processing power or graphic card. I am pointing out of the needed ports and compatibility with other devices. Included and more important as I can see are USB ports, card readers. HDMI etc.. You will be in difficult position when you find out that your external device is not compatible and that cost time and money. Always double check the specification ...always. 


A laptop with 4k display is worth more. But there is a catch here high-resolution laptops often display smaller menus because Windows render dimensions in pixel size. More pixels on the screen reduces the size of everything, including fonts, icons, and other key aspects of the visual display. Also not to mention the variety and quality.  Most of all the it will have negative impact on the battery life so it is better to drop down to 1080, it will provide some hour plus. Will not if you play games on battery. 

Bigger displays allows for a more expansive and often better viewing experience, it also cuts into the portability factor. It is a main factor of positioning and the size of the keyboard and touchpad. Smaller sizes are better for traveling, simple 14 inch will do the work also you'l have more battery for ongoing activities. 

Bottom Line

Buying a laptop is a hard thing for uneducated. I have been in the same position and I can provide always the same basic tips. Always check what are you buying, you watch out for scams, recheck all specification you will need. Better thing is finding something you fancy about on the discount price. The wrong laptop is never a good deal, no matter how appealing the price.

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